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Steal My Podcast Set Up

May 09, 20242 min read

Steal My Podcast Set Up

Creating a successful podcast requires more than just great content—it also requires the right gear and setup to deliver high-quality audio and video. In this episode, we'll take you behind the scenes of my podcast setup, where I share valuable insights on microphones, cameras, recording software, and set design.

Designing an engaging podcast setup on a budget is possible with a few strategic choices. Simona emphasizes the importance of a clean and distraction-free background, suggesting the inclusion of elements like plants, pictures, and adjustable lighting to enhance visual appeal. Attention to sound quality, through simple sound treatments and strategic positioning, completes the set design for a professional look.

My podcasting gear essentials include the Shure MV7 microphone, Logi Stream Cam, Sony ZV E10 camera, and Riverside FM recording software. Starting simple and upgrading gradually is the key takeaway for aspiring podcasters looking to elevate their content production.

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In the episode, we get into:

  • 00:31 Microphone

  • 01:41 Camera

  • 04:10 Recording Software

  • 05:17 Set design

  • 07:34 Join our community

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Simona Costantini

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Simona’s experience spans more than 10 years in marketing, communications, advertising and public relations.  



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