Access the FIRST OF ITS KIND membership for aspiring and growing podcasters!

In the ever-changing world of podcasting, it's easy to feel lost and overwhelmed.

The confusion of where to start, the frustration of technical complexities, and the challenge of growing an audience can make your podcasting journey feel like an impossible task.

This is where the Podcast Success Vault by Volt Productions comes in - not just as a membership but as your ultimate podcasting lifeline. Designed to cut through the noise and clutter of the podcasting world, the Podcast Success Vault offers clarity and direction in an often complex industry.

With the Podcast Success Vault, you'll transform from a podcaster battling uncertainty to a confident creator, equipped with all the tools, resources, and expert guidance you need to make your podcast truly shine.

Here's what we DON'T want to struggle with as podcasters 🙅‍♀️

⚡️Maintaining an inconsistent release schedule.

⚡️Having a low or non-existent audience.

⚡️Technical aspects like audio quality, editing, and equipment setup.

⚡️Overwhelm when trying to generate fresh and innovative content ideas, while staying true to the podcast's theme.

⚡️Feeling hassled when marketing and promoting your podcast.

⚡️Confusion when it comes to monetizing your show.

⚡️Not understanding how to read your podcast data and analytics to make strategic decisions.

⚡️Losing steam and passion for your podcast while also trying to stay consistent.

⚡️Not having the time or know-how to establish a community around your podcast.

Thankfully, you don't have to stress anymore 😮‍💨

PSV comes with...


Access to a comprehensive library of resources, tools,

and templates to make podcasting easier and more efficient.


Guidance during the podcast launch phase, including step-by-step instructions, checklists, and personalized support.


Strategies, tips, and expert advice to help podcasters grow their show and increase their audience reach.


Strategies to help podcasters monetize their shows, such as sponsorship opportunities, and affiliate marketing.


Get personalized guidance and answer questions related to podcast production, marketing, and monetization.


Regular content to help you stay up-to-date with the latest podcasting trends, strategies, and technologies.


Networking opportunities for podcasters and producers to foster growth and expand your network.


Get access to a private Facebook Group to talk with other podcasters at every stage, access free trainings from Simona, and so much more!

Hi, I’m Simona Costantini!

I'm the founder and CEO of VOLT Productions, a full-service, top tier podcast production agency, and 2x podcast host [Happiness Happens + As It Relates to Podcasting].

I help multiple six-figure entrepreneurs bring their personality, vision and passion to the mic by launching, managing and growing their podcasts.

My experience spans more than 10 years in marketing, communications, advertising and public relations.

I blend my intuitive nature with proven framework and strategies to help my clients shake up their industry with massive impact so they can serve on a more meaningful level.


What's an annual plan without something special?? When you sign up for the annual plan you'll also get...

An online podcast management system that teaches you

(yes, you!) my exact systems and processes.


🎙️ Save you thousands of dollars on a podcast producer AND more than six hours in production work per week.

🎙️ Save you from the hassle of dealing with tight timelines, impossible turnarounds and overwhelming social media content creation.

🎙️ Help you stay sane and calm when you miss your recording date, or content creation date.

🎙️ Protect you from podfade.

🎙️ Get rid of the overwhelming “why does it take so much time to produce my show” feeling you have every time you sit down to edit, create content and schedule your episodes.

Valued at $997, this system is yours FREE with the

Podcast Success Vault Annual Membership plan 🙌

Have questions? I totally get it!

Here's what you need to know about the Podcast Success Vault membership 👉

Q: What specific benefits does the membership offer for podcasters at my level (beginner/growing)?

  • A: You can be a complete newbie, growing podcaster, or even a podcast manager to take advantage of our resources, tools, and trainings!

Q: How can this membership help me overcome common podcasting challenges, such as technical issues or content planning?

  • A: We have in-depth resources already stocked in the Podcast Success Vault covering social media, marketing, content, tech, software and so much more. Plus, we add new resources every single month in addition to free access to our paid masterclasses.

Is there a community or forum within the membership where I can connect with other podcasters to share experiences and tips?

  • A: Yes! You'll get access to a Facebook Group specifically for Podcast Success Vault members and clients of Volt Productions.

Do you provide resources or training on podcast monetization strategies within the membership?

  • A: YES! We already have multiple resources on monetization and will continue to add more.

Here's what Caroline, Host of Today's Balanced Leader Podcast had to say...

"Discovering Simona Costantini's Podcast Success Vault has been a game-changer for my podcasting journey and success of "Today's Balanced Leader". Whether you're a novice or an expert, the membership is a goldmine of guidance, offering valuable tips, tricks, and tools to elevate your podcasting skills. Simona's expert curation ensures that you not only keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape but also become part of a supportive community where you can ask questions and learn from seasoned podcasters. Joining the "Podcast Success Vault" has empowered me to navigate the dynamic podcasting world with confidence, making it an indispensable resource for anyone looking to thrive in this exciting realm."