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Essential Podcast Pre Checks: What to do Before Hitting Record

Essential Podcast Pre Checks: What to do Before Hitting Record

June 06, 20242 min read

Essential Podcast Pre Checks: What to do Before Hitting Record

I've been podcasting since 2018 and I've learned a thing or three about the craft that I want to share with you today. What we’re covering today are three essential pre checks that you may have missed before you hit record. Plus, I have a bonus tip for you at the end of our discussion that you won't want to miss!

The following tips may seem simple, but performing these steps can drastically enhance the quality of your podcast. By following these prechecks, you'll notice a remarkable difference in the production value of your recordings.

These pre checks include verifying your microphone connection and settings, using a clap to sync audio and video tracks, and ensuring all recording equipment is turned on and properly connected. The host also offers a bonus tip on setting up your recording space to ensure a clean and distraction-free environment. Following these steps can significantly enhance the quality and production value of your podcast.



In the episode, we get into:

  • 00:45 Tip 1

  • 02:03 Tip 2

  • 03:21 Tip 3

  • 04:43 Bonus tip

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Simona Costantini

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