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Riverside FM Features: Recording Setup, Editing, AI Tools for Podcasters

Riverside FM Features: Recording Setup, Editing, AI Tools for Podcasters

June 13, 20242 min read

Riverside FM Features: Recording Setup, Editing, AI Tools for Podcasters

In this week's podcast episode, I interviewed Kendall Brightman, the community manager at Riverside FM. Kendall highlighted how Riverside FM democratizes the podcasting process by allowing users like me to record professional-quality audio and video without needing fancy equipment or a studio. She recommended using an iPhone as a high-quality webcam and shared tips for setting up microphones.

Kendall dove into Riverside FM's key features that I find really valuable, like the editing suite with text-based and timeline editing, animated captions, layout adjustments, and the ability to regenerate show notes after edits. She also discussed the AI-powered "Magic Clips" tool that identifies engaging clips from my recordings so I can easily create social media content.

Throughout our conversation, Kendall emphasized Riverside FM's focus on user feedback and community engagement to continuously improve the product for creators like myself. She invited my listeners to try the free version and join the Facebook community group. We covered how I can leverage the platform for not just my podcast, but also webinars, voiceovers, livestreams and more.



In the episode, we get into:

  • 01:28 Overcoming Tech Issues

  • 02:19 Why Riverside FM Stands Out

  • 05:58 Recording Tech and Setup Tips

  • 12:25 Riverside FM Features and Updates

  • 15:09 Community Engagement and Feedback

  • 18:13 Show Notes and Transcription

  • 20:58 Content Creation and Social Media Clips

  • 27:16 Conclusion and Upcoming Episodes

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Simona Costantini

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Simona’s experience spans more than 10 years in marketing, communications, advertising and public relations.  

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