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How to Be A Better Podcast Host

How to Be A Better Podcast Host

June 20, 20243 min read

How to Be A Better Podcast Host

In this week's episode, I am thrilled to be joined again by Kendall Breitman, Community Manager at Riverside FM. Building on our previous discussion, we delve into what makes a great podcast host and guest, sharing practical tips and insights drawn from Kendall's extensive experience in both journalism and community management.

The Art of Being a Good Host:

Kendall emphasizes the importance of listening actively to your guests, ensuring a natural and engaging conversation. We discuss the balance between structured preparation and allowing spontaneity, using bullet points as anchors to guide the conversation without being overly rigid. It's crucial to tailor your approach to your show's audience, providing value and maintaining a dynamic flow.

Creating a Great Guest Experience:

We explore how to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for your podcast guests. Pre-show preparation, setting a relaxed tone, and avoiding overly scripted interactions are key. Engaging your guests in a way that highlights their unique perspectives while aligning with your show's theme enhances the overall quality of your podcast.

Engaging Conversations and Bullet Points:

Kendall recommends using three to five bullet points to keep the conversation focused. This method ensures that the discussion remains relevant and impactful, providing listeners with valuable insights. We also touch on the importance of having a strong opening and closing question to anchor the episode and guide the narrative.

The Importance of Pre-Show Prep:

Effective pre-show preparation involves more than just technical setup. Kendall suggests having a "green room" conversation to build rapport and set the tone before recording. This approach helps both host and guest feel comfortable, leading to a more fluid and natural dialogue.

Tips for Podcast Guests:

For guests, it's beneficial to listen to a few episodes of the show they will be appearing on to understand the format and style. Wearing something that makes you feel confident can also positively impact the conversation. Treating the podcast appearance as a friendly chat rather than a formal interview makes for a more engaging and authentic experience.



In the episode, we get into:

  • 01:39 The Art of Being a Good Host

  • 02:35 Creating a Great Guest Experience

  • 03:42 Structuring Your Podcast Effectively

  • 05:04: Engaging Conversations and Bullet Points

  • 07:12 The Importance of Pre-Show Prep

  • 14:37 Tips for Podcast Guests

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Simona Costantini

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